Experienced Staff

The Brown Center delivers a year-round, family-focused program for young children through six years old who are impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders, in a fully inter-disciplinary and unique environment. The Brown Center prides itself on team members who continually strive for professional excellence and personal growth–and cultivate a sense of creativity, teamwork, and a willingness to think outside-the-box. Our staff members embrace the idea that successful autism treatment is not something we do to a child–but rather something we do with a family.

Highest Potential

Since 2008, the Brown Center’s comprehensive family approach to intervention has been truly changing the landscape of traditional autism treatment. At The Brown Center, family and staff members work together to develop goals for each child, and staff members are cross-trained across disciplines in order to deliver the greatest consistency in each and every treatment session. It is our firm belief that this strategy is the core of successful therapeutic programming for children with autism and the key to helping our children achieve their highest potential.

Family Focused

The Brown Center is a non-profit 501c3 organization that was specifically designed with families in mind–with our staff being composed of both credentialed professionals, as well as qualified team members who are themselves parents of children with autism. Working together in this way, we are better able to consider all facets of family needs in our treatment planning. The Brown Center also offers in-house family counseling services to help guide and support our families as they adjust to a child’s diagnosis.

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