The BCA Way

The pieces and parts that make up BCA are nothing new under the sun. “Family-centered” is the catch phrase of the new millennium in healthcare. But what should “family-centered” look and act like?  It is the purposeful synthesis and orchestration of knowledge put into action that is exclusive to the “BCA way”. From our highest leadership to our clinical team, we are intentionally composed of credentialed professionals, many of whom are also parents of children with autism. We know the outcomes of our children are directly proportional to how effectively we train and support our families. BCA offers in-house family counseling services to help guide our families as they adjust to a child’s diagnosis, as well as monthly on site training one-to-one parent training, and home-based intervention services. Click here to contact current or former BCA families to learn more about their individualized experience as a part of our Brown Center community.

The BCA Culture

The Brown Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that delivers year-round, family-focused intervention for young children up to seven years old who are impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders. BCA is well-known for its welcoming culture that is palpable from the moment visitors cross the threshold. From our signature red front door, the coziness of our many gathering spaces, and the animated energy of our team—-the atmosphere is undeniably rich and unique. Team members continually strive for professional excellence and growth–and cultivate a sense of teamwork, fun, and a willingness to think outside-the-box.

The BCA Influence

Families, educators, and interns from a dozen U.S. states and from as far as Japan, Belgium, France, Canada and Russia have relocated to Nashville to become part of the Brown Center. The Brown Center’s comprehensive family approach to intervention has been changing the landscape of traditional autism treatment since 2008. It is our firm belief that intensive collaboration and communication is the core of successful intervention for children with autism. Because of this unique approach and strong, data-driven outcomes, our Nashville-based program is sought out internationally.