Liske_169 smallJuli C. Liske

Most recently, Juli C. Liske was the Founder and CEO/Executive Director of the Brown Center, and is the parent of a remarkable child with Autism. She is also the author of the book In the Eye of the Hurricane: Finding Peace within the Storm of Autism, Spiritbuilding, 2006.

In response to her own sonĀ“s diagnosis of autism in 2002 and the lack of services available in rural Appalachia Kentucky where they lived at the time, Ms. Liske designed and implemented an intensive, integrated, ABA home program for her son.

Today, at the tender age of 17, Ben Liske is a college sophomore and Presidential Scholar at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, with a double major in computer science and mathematics. Ben was a National Merit ScholarĀ Finalist, a Davidson National Young Scholar, a lifelong member of American Mensa Society, an accomplished mathematician, artist and musician. Ben served as the poster child for the 2006 Autism Society of America “Voice of Autism” ad campaign. In 2009, Ben was featured in an Autism Self-Advocacy Network public service announcement funded by The Dan Marino Foundation which aired on national television networks. Most recently, Ben and family were featured in the documentary “Autism in America” which is currently on film festival tour.

After publication of her book and the response from families in Middle Tennessee, Ms. Liske left her 15-year career in dentistry to become a consultant to parents of children with autism and professionals who serve them. In 2008, she founded the Brown Center for Autism. Ms. Liske is also a speaker on local, state, and national levels, as well as a leadership mentor within the greater Nashville nonprofit sector.

The Brown Center successfully brought to fruition a professional center-based treatment model–one that was unavailable to Ms. Liske’s own young son and family during their early intervention years. The resulting model has left a deep impact upon our community, and the data and intellectual property gathered and created will be used to further inform legislation and advocacy for a cost-effective standard of care for Tennesseans.The legacy left behind will also fund perpetual “Brown Center for Autism” scholarships and grants for individuals and agencies in Middle Tennessee and will be accessible through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee beginning in 2018.

Following the closure of The Brown Center in June 2017, Ms. Liske has gone on to serve the greater Nashville nonprofit community through advocacy, consultation, mentoring, community education/workshops, public speaking, grant writing–and most importantly–championing a higher standard of professional collaboration and increased access to care for all whose lives are impacted by Autism.