Applied Behavior Analysis, ABA Nashville, the Brown Center for Autism, Juli Liske
An integrated ABA approach is the framework for delivery of the majority of services at The Brown Center. ABA approaches to treatment are individualized based upon the needs of your child, and include Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior, and Incidental Teaching. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will design and monitor behavioral programming for your child and create appropriate programs to assist the speech and occupational therapists in targeting their goals as well.  The purpose of this unique arrangement is to streamline behavioral support and teaching styles across all therapeutic disciplines.

For maximum outcomes, research supports the embedding of instruction in all environments–both structured and natural. Because of this, specific behavioral targets are tracked across all settings at the center and in the home environment, and functional replacement behaviors are taught utilizing Positive Behavior Support (Jolivette, Gallagher, Morrier, & Lambert, 2008) . Parents are also provided a home Daily Lesson Plan and trained in Incidental Teaching approaches which families are to implement within their daily routines. By systematically blending teaching into all environments, children receive more than 25 hours per week of planned intervention through a combination of both center and home based teaching.


1. Kristine Jolivette , Peggy A. Gallagher , Michael J. Morrier & Richard Lambert (2008): Preventing Problem Behaviors in Young Children with Disabilities, Exceptionality: A Special Education Journal, 16:2, 78-92