The Brown Center for Autism recognizes that being a family member of an individual with autism can be both a rewarding and stressful life experience.

Because of this, each family will receive two family counseling sessions per month to be delivered at the Center by a Licensed Psychologist who is also experienced in working with children with ASD. Families can choose to utilize these sessions as individual, couple or family sessions.

The Brown Center also offers two monthly support groups for enrolled families–a Mom’s Group and a Couple’s Group. There is no additional charge to families for these services, and attendance at any counseling or support group is considered as credit toward a family’s four hours of education/participation each month.

We understand that many parents of children with autism often spend countless hours in less-than-comfortable waiting areas while their children receive therapy services. With this in mind, our facility was uniquely designed to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for parents visiting the Center for counseling services. A separate entrance and waiting area was created especially for parents coming to the Center to meet with our Family and Child Therapist or with administration.

As an additional community service and in keeping with our mission of serving families living with autism, private individual and family counseling services are also available to anyone in the community whose family is directly impacted by autism. Contact the Center to find out more about these services or to schedule an appointment with our Family and Child Therapist.