Parental knowledge and involvement is essential for a child´s potential to be fully realized. Published research also states that parents who serve as direct service providers in their child´s intervention often report reduced feelings of depression and stress, and increased feelings of empowerment (Bennett, 2012).

Parents of children in our program commit to eight hours per calendar month to active participation in their child´s program and in parental education.  These hours may include direct participation in therapy sessions with their child at either the center or during a visit from a home therapist, attending counseling sessions, attending educational seminars offered at the center, or other options designed to meet the widely varying needs and availability of families.

The Brown Center is designed with the idea that teaching parents is equally as vital as teaching children. For this reason, 12 hours per week of Center-based direct therapy are provided to each child. Additionally, parents are expected to be familiar with their child´s daily lesson plan, as well as demonstrate a willingness to implement new skills in the home environment. In this way, skills are best generalized across multiple environments and with a variety of significant people in your child’s life. Our ultimate goal is both progress for the child and empowerment for family.

You may also download our helpful information guide to support sound treatment decisions for your child.

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1. Bennett, Alexis, “Parental Involvement in Early Intervention Programs for Children with Autism” (2012). Master of Social Work Clinical.