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Preliminary Transition Services

At times the Brown Center is at full enrollment capacity, but may have upcoming openings on the horizon. Families who wish to ultimately secure an enrollment position may opt to first take advantage of our individualized Preliminary Consulting Services and Training in order to get off to the very best start during the waiting period. To learn more about these options, please contact us at 615-385-7994 or click here to inquire by email.

Transitional Services

For families enrolled at the Brown Center and preparing to enter kindergarten or another educational setting, the Brown Center offers Extended Transitional Services. These services are intended to provide additional support to families who feel the need for an extra helping hand or additional training during this time, and include individualized consultation and training based on the Family’s needs. Services may be delivered at the family’s home, the Brown Center, school or other community settings. Families of Brown Center graduates must apply for these services within one month of graduation from their Brown Center enrollment. The end goal of these services is to promote family success and independence, and includes a comprehensive plan for individualized fading of support.

If you are a currently enrolled family at the Brown Center and are interested in learning more about these service, please click here or call 615-385-7994 for more information.