Maurice D. Cole, parent of a child with autism, the brown center for autism

Maurice D. Cole, parent of a child with autism, the Brown Center Observation Room

 Our Families Welcome You!

The Brown Center understands that as parents of a young child with autism, meeting and talking with other parents who have walked before you in similar shoes can be one of the most helpful experiences for a family facing a new diagnosis.

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Professional and Ethic Compliance Code outlines that ABA-based agencies and Behavior Analysts should not, " solicit or use testimonials about behavior-analytic services from current clients (parents) for publication on their webpages....".  ( Parents of children with newly diagnosed autism are an emotionally vulnerable target population--vulnerable to the alluring  marketing of quick-fixes, miracles and "cures". Since the Brown Center strives to uphold and far exceed all ethical standards, we refrain from publishing testimonials from parents, and strongly encourage parents to directly contact current and former BCA parents for very frank and unfiltered conversations that address questions and possible concerns without agency interference. Parents, please keep these ethical standards in mind when reviewing ABA service providers wherever you go.

The Brown Center is thankful to have families who are not only enthusiastic teachers and advocates for their own children, but also have a spirit of encouragement and support for one another--as well as the greater autism community.

If you are a parent or family member of a young child with autism and would like to speak with one of our current or former families for more information about their experiences or about the Brown Center, please feel free to contact any of the Parent Representatives below.

Brandon & Rachel Boylan

Jason & Jessica Angel

Rachael Fajardo & Kelly Padgett

Tommy & Katherine Alsup

Eric & Melinda Castor

Maurice & April Cole

Shawn & Lorna Howard

Trip & Jennifer Meredith